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Dr Mahmoud Tabrizchi

Department of Chemistry
Isfahan University of Technology


  Currently he is working as Professor, Department of Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology. He did his PhD. Physical Chemistry, Southampton University, Southampton, UK. He did his M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, The University of Isfahan.

Research Interest

  Developing New Scientific Instruments Ion Mobility Spectrometry Ionization Sources Chemical Sensors Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry Laser Spectroscopy Electronic Spectroscopy in the Gas Phase Synchrotron Radiation Photoionization and Electron Impact Ionization Electron attachment processes Photoelectron Spectroscopy Proton transfer reactions to volatile organic compounds Thermodynamics and Kinetic of ion-molecule reaction


  • “Inverse Ion Mobility Spectrometry” M. Tabrizchi, E. Jazan, Analytical Chemistry, 82, (2010) 746–750.

  • “Relative Transmission of Different ions through Shutter Grid” M. Tabrizchi, H.R. Shamlouei, International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 291 (2010) 67–72.

  • “Determination of Methadone in Human Hair by Headspace Extraction and Ion Mobility Spectrometry” A. Sheibani, M. Tabrizchi, H. S. Ghaziaskar, Analytical Letters, in press.

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