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Ebrahim Shirani

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Isfahan University of Technology


 He is currently working as an Associate Professor of Department of MECHANICAL Engeenring, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.

Research Interest

 Mechanical Engineering


  • Hajmohammadi, M.R., Shirani, E. and Salimpour, M.R.,, "Constructal Placement of Unequal Heat Sources on a Plate Cooled by Laminar Forced Convection,“ International Journal of Thermal Sciences, V. 60, pp. 13-22, 2012.

  • Karami. M., Shirani, E. and Avara, A., "Analysis of Entropy Generation, Pumping Power and Tube Wall Temperature in Aqueous Suspensions of Alumina Particles", Heat Transfer Research, V. 43, N. 4, pp.327-342, 2012.

  • Salimpour, M.R., Sharifhassan, M. and Shirani, E., “Constructal Optimization of Microchannel Heat sinks with Non-Singular Cross Sections,” Accepted for Publication in the International Journal of Heat Transfer Engineering, 2012.

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