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Hamid Mirmohammadi

Associate Professor
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Isfahan University of Technology


I participated in Ph.D. entrance exam of Industrial Engineering Department of Sharif university of Technology in 2004 and ranked 2 among 50 participants. After finishing the course studies for about two years, I took my Ph.D. dissertation in the inventory management and lot sizing area under supervision of Dr. Shahram Shadrokh and with advisor Professor Fereydoon Kianfar. Totally my Ph.D. period took about 5 years and I presented my thesis with rank A in summer 2009.

Research Interest

Mathematical Programming & Modeling Combinatorial Optimization, Exact Methods & Meta-Heuristic Algorithms Stochastic Operations Research Inventory Control & Planning


  • Tamjidzad, S. & Mirmohammadi, S.H. (2015). An optimal (r, Q) policy in a stochastic inventory system with all-units quantity discount and limited sharable resource. European Journal of Operational Research, 247(1), 93-100.

  • Mirmohammadi, S.H., Shadrokh, S. & Kianfar, F. (2009). An efficient optimal algorithm for the quantity discount problem in material requirement planning. Computers & Operations Research, 36(6), 1780-1788.

  • Mirmohammadi, H.S. & Eshghi, K. (2012). A hybrid polynomial-time algorithm for the dynamic quantity discount lot size model with resale. Computers & Operations Research, 39(7), 1771-1778.

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