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Jahangir Abedi-koupai

Water engineering
Isfahan University of Technology


 He is currently working as a Professor of Department of Water Engineeribg, College of Agriculture, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.

Research Interest

Water Resources, Flow through Poroud Media, Water and Soil pollution and Remediation, Unconventional Water, Optimization of water Use consumption Soil physical, Mechanical and Hydraulic Properties, Geotechnics of Hydraulic Structures


  • Goodarzi, M., Abedi-Koupai J., M. Heidarpour, H. R Safavi. 2015. Evaluation of the effects of climate change on groundwater recharge using a hybrid method. Water Resources Management. ASCE, 10.1007/s11269-015-1150-4.

  • Goodarzi, M., Abedi-Koupai J., M. Heidarpour, H. R Safavi. 2016. Development of a New Drought Index for Groundwater and its Application in Sustainable Groundwater Extraction, Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. (ASCE).

  • Abedi-Koupai J. Saghaian-Nejad, S., S. Mostafazadeh-Fard and K. Behfarnia. 2015, Reduction of urban storm-runoff pollution using porous concrete containing iron slag absorbent. J. Environmental Engineering. 10.1061/ (ASCE) EE.1943-7870.0001025, 04015072.

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