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Mahmoud-reza Hemami

Assistant Professor
Department of Natural Resources
Isfahan University of Technology


He is currently working as Assistant Professor of Natural Resources Department.

Research Interest

Environment Science


  • Nowzari, H., Behrouzi Rad, B., Hemami M.R. (2007) Habitat use by Persian gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa subgutturosa) in Bamoo National Park during autumn and winter (2007) Acta Zool√≥gica Mexicana, 23: 109-121.

  • Eycott, A.E., Watkinson, A.R., Hemami, M.-R. & Dolman, P.M. (2007). The dispersal of vascular plants in a forest mosaic by a guild of mammalian herbivores. Oecologia 154, 107-118.

  • Hemami M.R., Watkinson, A.R., Gill, R.M.A., Dolman, P. (2007) Estimating abundance of introduced Chinese muntjac Muntiacus reevesi and native roe deer Capreolous capreolous using portable thermal imaging equipment. Mammal Review, 37: 246-254.

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