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Mehran Ghiaci

Department of Chemistry
Isfahan University of Technology


Mehran Ghiaci is a professor of chemistry at Isfahan University of Technology (Iran). He received his BS and MS in chemistry from Pars College (Iran). He received his PhD degree in physical organic chemistry from University of California at Los Angeles, UCLA (USA).

Research Interest

 His current research interests include physical organic chemistry, heterogeneous catalysts, organic synthesis, surface chemistry, drug delivery and chemical sensing.


  • F.A.L. Anet, and M. Ghiaci,“ Ring Inversion in 1,4,7-Cyclononatriene (trishomobenzene. Force-Field Calculations for Abnormally Large Bond Angles.” J. Amer. Chem. Soc.,102, 2528, 1980.

  • F.A.L. Anet, and M. Ghiaci, “ On the Question of the Relationship of Nitrogen-15 Chemical Shifts to Barriers to C-N Internal Rotation. Dynamic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Urea and Aniline Derivatives.” J. Amer. Chem. Soc., 101, 5858, 1979.

  • F.A.L. Anet, and M. Ghiaci, “ Barriers to Internal Rotation in Benzoyl Cyanide and Benzoyl Halides.” J. Chem. Soc.,Chem. Commun., 588, 1979.

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