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Seyedzafarollah Kalantari

Associate Professor
Department of Physics
Isfahan University of Technology


 He is currently working as Associate Professor of Physics at Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran. he did Ph.D. in Physics from Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran

Research Interest

Theoretical Nuclear Physics Exotic atoms and Nuclei Nuclear Fusion


  • Investigation of the Λ (1405) production in p + p −> p + K+ Λ (1405) reaction, M. Hassanvand, S.Z. Kalantari,Y. Akaishi, and T. Yamazaki, Iranian Journal of Physics Research 12, No.4(2012) 83.

  • Capture of K − by the 4 He atom and the internal Auger effect in the Kαe kaonic atom, S.Z. Kalantari, Sh. Sanayehajari, and M. Dayyanikelisani, Phys. Rev. C 86 (2012) 024603.

  • heoretical analysis of Λ(1405) →Σπ mass spectra produced in p + p → p + Λ(1405) + K+ reactions, M. Hassanvand, S.Z. Kalantari, Y. Akaishi, and T. Yamazaki, Phys. Rev. C 87 (2013) 055202.

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