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Yahya Rezainejad

Associate Professor
Departmet of Soil Science
Isfahan University of Technology


  He is currently working as a Associate Professor at Department of Soil Science, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran. He did his PhD in Soil Science from Justuse Liebig-Universitat Giessen. W. Germany. He did his MSc in Phytopathologie  from  Justus Liebig- Universitat Giessen. W. Germany.

Research Interest

  Soil Fertility, Soil and Water Pollution, Plant Nutrition, Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy.


  • Jafari, A., H. Shariatmadari, Y. Rezainejad and S. Ghalami. 2010. Phosphorus sorption kinetic in calcareous soils of selected arid and semi-arid toposequences and its relationship with plant growth. South African Journal of Plant and Soil 27 (2): 126-132.

  • Yeganeh, M., M. Afyuni, A. H. Khoshgoftarmanesh, Y. Rezainejad and R. Schulin. 2010. Transport of zinc, copper, and lead in a sewage sludge amended calcareous soil. Soil Use and Management 26 (2): 176–182.

  • Hemmat, A., N. Aghilinategh, Y. Rezainejad and M. Sadeghi. 2010. Long-term impacts of municipal soil waste compost, sewage sludge and farmyard manure application on organic carbon, bulk density and consistency limits of a calcareous soil in central Iran. Soil & Tillage Research 108 (1-2): 43-50.

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