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Seyed Naser Moghaddas Tafreshi

Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
K. N. Toosi University of Tech


Dr Seyed Naser Moghaddas Tafreshi is a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at K. N. Toosi University of Tech. He received his Master of Science at AmirKabir University of Technology . He has authored many research articles/books.  

Research Interest

Shallow foundation, deep foundation, retaining wall, and slope stability, Underground spaces (voids) under monotonic and repeated loadings  


  • Moghaddas Tafreshi SN, Joz Darabi N, Tavakoli Mehrjardi G, Dawson A. Experimental and numerical investigation of footing behaviour on multi-layered rubber-reinforced soil. European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering. 2016 Dec 22:1-24.

  • Tafreshi SM, Sharifi P, Dawson AR. Performance of circular footings on sand by use of multiple-geocell or-planar geotextile reinforcing layers. Soils and Foundations. 2016 Dec 31;56(6):984-97.

  • Moghaddas Tafreshi SN, Joz Darabi N, Dawson A. Cyclic loading response of footing on multi-layered rubber-soil mixtures. Geomechanics and Engineering. 2017 Jun 29.

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