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Mansoor Zahedi

Pure Chemistry
Shahid Beheshti University


Mansoor Zahedi is a Professor of Chemistry at Shahid Beheshti University, Iran.

Research Interest



  • F. Zaghmarzi, M. Zahedi, A. Mola, S. Abedini, S. Arshadi, S. Ahmadzadeh, N. Etminan, O. Younesi, E. Rahmanifar, M. Yoosefian, "Fullerene-C60 and crown ether doped on C60 sensors for high sensitive detection of alkali and alkaline earth cations" , PHYSICA E-LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS NANOSTRUCTURES, Vol.87, pp.51-58, 2017.

  • F. Alavi, R. Ghadari, M. Zahedi, "Exploration of the binding properties of the human serum albumin sites with neurology drugs by docking and molecular dynamics simulation" , Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society (JICS), Vol.14, pp.19-35, 2017.

  • M. Anafcheh, F. Naderi, Z. Khodadadi, F. Ektefa, R. Ghafouri, M. Zahedi, "Computational study for the circular redox reaction of N2O with CO catalyzed by fullerometallic cations C60Fe and C70Fe" , JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR GRAPHICS MODELLING, Vol.72, pp.50-57, 2017.

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