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Mohammad Hosein Adabi

Earth Sciences
Shahid Beheshti University


Mohammad hosein Adabi is a Professor of Earth Sciences

Research Interest

Earth Sciences


  • B. A., M. Adabi, M. M., "Facies Interpretation Depositional Environment and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Sartakht Formation in the Bakhshi Section Located in Kalmard Block" , OPEN JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY, pp.314-329, 2016

  • A. Rahimi, M. Adabi, A. Aghanabati, M. Majidi fard, A. Jamali, "Dolomitization Mechanism Based on Petrography and Geochemistry in the Shotori Formation (Middle Triassic) Central Iran" , OPEN JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY, pp.1149-1168, 2016

  • S. Erfani, M. Adabi, M. Majidi fard, N. Kohansalghadimvand, B. Emraninasab, "Sequence Stratigraphy of Lower Carboniferous Rocks in Bakhshi Section East-Central Iran" , OPEN JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY, pp.200-211, 2017

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