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Saeed Nojavan

Associate professor
Pure Chemistry
Shahid Beheshti University


Saeed Nojavan is an Associate professor of Pure Chemistry.

Research Interest

Pure Chemistry


  • S. Asadi, H. Tabani, K. Khodaei, F. Asadian, S. Nojavan, "Rotating electrode in electro membrane extraction a new and efficient methodology to increase analyte mass transfer" , RSC ADVANCES, Vol.6, pp.101869-101879, 2016.

  • E. Memarian, S. Seyed hoseini davarani, S. Nojavan, "Direct synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene on platinum wire as a new fiber coating method for the solid-phase microextraction of BXes in water samples Comparison of headspace and cold-fiber headspace modes" , ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA, Vol.935, pp.151-160, 2016.

  • H. Tabani, S. Asadi, S. Nojavan, M. Parsa, "Introduction of agarose gel as a green membrane in electromembrane extraction An efficient procedure for the extraction of basic drugs with a wide range of polarities" , JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A, Vol.1497, pp.47-55, 2017.

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