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Seyed Rahman Djafari Petroudy

Assistant professor
Shahid Beheshti University


Seyed rahman Djafari petroudy is an Assistant professor of Agriculture

Research Interest



  • S. Djafari petroudy, H. Resalati, P. Rezayati, "Newsprint from soda bagasse pulp in admixture with hardwood CMP pulp" , BIORESOURCES, Vol.3, pp.2483-2491, 2011.

  • S. Djafari petroudy, P. Sheikhi, G. Peyman, "Sugarcane Bagasse Paper Reinforced by Cellulose Nanofiber(CNF) and Bleached Softwood Kraft (BSWK) Pulp" , JOURNAL OF POLYMERS AND THE ENVIRONMENT, pp.1-11, 2016.

  • S. Djafari petroudy, E. Rasooly garmaroody, H. Rudi, "Oriented Cellulose Nanopaper (OCNP) based on bagasse cellulose nanofibrils" , CARBOHYDRATE POLYMERS, Vol.157, pp.1883-1891, 2017.

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