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Zahra Ahari

Associate professor
Architecture and Urban Planning
Shahid Beheshti University


Zahra Ahari is an Associate professor of Architecture and Urban Planning

Research Interest

Urban Planning


  • Z. Thus, the "Triangular Interpreting Structural Sciences" on the Iranian Present during the Presentation ", Feroza Islam, Version 2, Pages: 45-68, 1395

  • Z. Ahari, "Deep Structure in Urban Design A Study of the Language of Isfahan School of Urban Design (16th - 19th Century)" , FIROUZEH (Journal of Centre for Research in Iranian Arts Architecture Urbanism), Vol.1, pp.67-83, 2005.

  • Z. Ahari, F. G., "Art an integrated part of built environment case study of kashan residential quarters centers" , The international of the arts in society, Vol.4, 2009.

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