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Zohreh Fanni

Associate professor
Earth Sciences
Shahid Beheshti University


Zohreh Fanni is an Associate professor of Earth Sciences

Research Interest

Earth Sciences


  • Z. Fanni, KH. B., A. Heidari, "Evaluating the regional development of border cities by TOPSIS model (case study Sistan and Baluchistan Province Iran)" , Sustainable cities and society, Vol.10, pp.80-86, 2013

  • Z. Fanni, Z. Shabanii, "Analysis the Status of Oil Industry in the Spatial- Structural-Development of Small Cities (A Case of Shazand City Iran)" , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REVIEW IN LIFE SCIENCES, Vol.3, pp.1296-1300, 2015

  • Z. Fanni, K. Akhavan heidari, A. Heidari, "Assessing the sustainability of urban neighborhoods in 17 District of Tehran city using ANP Model" , pp.147-158, 2015

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