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Bahar Firoozabadi

Fluid Mechanics
Sharif University of Technology


Advanced Fluid Dynamics (G) Viscous Flow (G) Continuum Mechanics (G) Bio Fluid Engineering (G) Fluid Mechanics I & II (UG) Gas Dynamics (UG) she did the following things : 1- M.A. Ashjari "Miscible Reservoir Flow Simulation Using Multi-Scale Upscaling" Defense time: January 2008. 2- H. Afshin "Experimental Investigation of Turbulence in Density Currents Structure", 2009. 3- E. Khavasi " Hydrodynamic Instability in Density Current", 2014. 4- D. Khoozan "Upscaling and Simulation of Two-Phase Flow in Highly Heterogeneous Porous Media", 2015.

Research Interest

Bio-Fluid Engineering Bubble and Drop formation and motion Density & turbidity current in settling tanks and reservoirs  


  • M. R. Nikmaneshi, B. Firoozabadi, M. S. Saidi, �Two-Phase Acto-Cytosolic Fluid Flow in a Moving Keratocyte: A 2D Continuum Model�, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, (2015) 77:1813�1832.

  • 2. H.A. Pakravan, M.S. Saidi*, B. Firoozabadi, �A Mechanical Model for Morphological Response of Endothelial Cells under Combined Wall Shear Stress and Cyclic Stretch Loadings�, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, DOI 10.1007/s10237-015-0756-z.

  • 1. D. Khoozan, B. Firoozabadi, �A-priori Error Estimation of Upscaled Coarse Grids for Water-Flooding Process" Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, accepted.

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