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Gholamreza Vossoughi

Applied Mechanics
Sharif University of Technology


Dr. Vossoughi received his Ph.D. from Mechanical Engineering Dept. at University of Minnesota in 1992. Ever since he have been a faculty member at Mechanical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology. He has served as the Manufacturing Engineering and Applied Mechanics Division Directors from 1994-1998 and as the Graduate Dean of the Mechanical Engineering from 1999-2003. He has also served as the founder / director of the Mechatronics Engineering program at both Sharif's Main campus and Sharif's International Campus at Kish Island from 2004.  

Research Interest

Design, Modeling and Control of Special Purpose Parallel and Hybrid Robotic Systems · Design Modeling and Prototyping of Mechatronic Sensors and Actuators · Analysis and Control of Human-Machine Interaction in Haptic and Exoskeleton Systems · Design and Analysis of Locomotion in Micro-Robotic Systems · Design and Analysis of underwater robotic and bio-robotic Systems · Collective and Swarm Robotics · Nonlinear and Robust Control of Robotic and Mechatronic Systems 


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