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Mohammad Said Saidi

Mechanical Engineering
Sharif University of Technology


He did the following things : Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A.), 1979 M.Sc., Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.A.), 1976 B.Sc., Physics, Sharif University of Technology (Iran), 1973 Appointment at Sharif University of Technology (IUT): Professor (tenured) Mechanical Engineering, 2006-present.

Research Interest

Human blood cell counter  


  • A.Mehboudi,M. S.Saidi, Physically based wall boundary condition for dissipative particle dynamics,Microfluidics and Nanofluidics,17 (1), 181-198, (2014).

  • M. Monjezi, M. Ghoreyshi1, M. S. Saidi, M. A. Navabi, B. D. Firoozabadi, 3D-1D Simulation of Flow in Fontan Operation: Effects of Antegrade Flow on Flow Pulsations, Journal of ScientiaIranica, 21(4), 1378-1389, (2014).

  • M.Zabetian, M.B.Shafii, M.H.Saidi, M.S.Saidi, A New Experimental Approach to Investigate the Induced Force and Velocity Fields on a Particulate Manipulation Mechanism, Journal of ScientiaIranica, 21(2), 414-424, (2014).

  • M.S.Saidi, M. Rismanian, M. Monejzi , M.Zendehbad, S. Fatehiboroujeni, Comparison between Lagrangian and Eulerian Approaches in Predicting Motion of Micron-Sized Particle in Laminar Flows, Atmospheric Environment, 89,199-206, (2014).

  • A. Yazdani , M. Normandie, M. Yousefi, M.S. Saidi, G. Ahmadi, Transport and Deposition of Pharmaceutical Particles in Three Commercial Spacer-MDI Pairs, computers in biology and medicine, 28 (3) , 1017-1026,(2014).

  • Design and construction of human blood cell counter, Iran�s president deputy in technology, 1392-present.

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