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Hamid Mobasheri

Department of Biophysics
Tehran University of Medical Science


Completed PhD from University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK in 1999, Presently working as Professor at university of Tehran, Iran

Research Interest

Biophysical effects, effects of biomaterials,tissue engineering, bioreactor design ,  


  • Thrower EC, Mobasheri H, Dargan S, Marius P, Lea EJ, Dawson AP. Interaction of luminal calcium and cytosolic ATP in the control of type 1 inositol (1, 4, 5)-trisphosphate receptor channels. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2000 Nov 17;275(46):36049-55.

  • Firouzi M, Moshayedi P, Saberi H, Mobasheri H, Abolhassani F, Jahanzad I, Raza M. Transplantation of Schwann cells to subarachnoid space induces repair in contused rat spinal cord. Neuroscience letters. 2006 Jul 10;402(1):66-70.

  • Bainbridge G, Mobasheri H, Armstrong GA, Lea EJ, Lakey JH. Voltage-gating of Escherichia coli porin: a cystine-scanning mutagenesis study of loop 3. Journal of molecular biology. 1998 Jan 16;275(2):171-6.

  • Senaratne RH, Mobasheri H, Papavinasasundaram KG, Jenner P, Lea EJ, Draper P. Expression of a Gene for a Porin-Like Protein of the OmpA Family from Mycobacterium tuberculosisH37Rv. Journal of bacteriology. 1998 Jul 15;180(14):3541-7.

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