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Akbar Nikkhah

Distinguished Professor
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Zanjan


Akbar is global science mentor and leader for quality life. Doctor Akbar Nikkhah holds BSc from University of Zanjan and MSc from Isfahan University of Technology in Iran, PHD from University of Manitoba in Canada, and Post Doctorate from University of Illinois. Dr. Nikkhah serves as Highly Distinguished Professor of Science and Ruminant Nutrition, Highly Distinguished Mentor of Science Education and Dissemination, and Highly Distinguished Science Composer/Speaker in the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Zanjan, Iran; and as Highly Distinguished Elite-Generating Scientist of the National Elite Foundation in Iran. He also serves the global community as Highly Distinguished Global Peace Leader.

Research Interest

Professor Nikkhah’s research interests/initiatives comprise multitudes of disciplines including, among others feild crop research, animal agriculture, medicine, physiology, nutrition, biotechnology, microbiology, economics, education, veterinary, biology, chronobiology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, biochemistry and biophysical, immunology, pathology, linguistics, public health, humanities, arts, management, and basic sciences.

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