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Thamer K Al-ameri

Department of Palynology and Petroleum Geology
Baghdad University


Thamer Khaz’al Al-Ameri is professor of petroleum geology in the department of geology, college of science, University of Baghdad. He holds a BSc. in geology from the same university in 1969 as well as higher diploma in Engineering Geology/ Sulfur Exploitation from the polish mine authority in Krarov-Poland at 1971 and accordingly worked as geologist for sulfur exploration and exploitation in Mishraq Sulfur Mine, Northern Iraq (1970-1975). He received PhD degree from the University of London, Kings College (1975-1980) in Palynology and Petroleum Geology. He hold certificate in organic geochemistry from Russian Geochemical Institute in Moscow at 1985. His academic work was assistant professor in the University of Salahuddin in Erbil, North Iraq (1980-1991) and as professor of palynology and petroleum geology in the University of Baghdad (1992-till now). He published five text books and 96 scientific articles (in International Journals) with supervising 18 MSc and 20 PhD theses on palynostratigraphy, palynofacies, organic geochemistry, biomarkers and petroleum systems and consultancy work to the Iraqi Oil Exploration Company. He participated in International conferences in UK, USA, Norway, France, Spain, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, Libya, Egypt, Jordon, Syria and Iraq. Organization of the 1st Petroleum Geology of Iraq Symposium 21-22 May 2010 and International Conference on Iraqi Oil Studies to be held in 20-22 December 20 11 in the University of Baghdad are of his performance as well as previous geological conferences of two in the Universities of Baghdad (1999) and Salahuddin (1989) and two for the Iraqi Geological Union (1998 & 2001).

Research Interest

His main research interests include Petroleum Geology, Micropaleontology, Palaeoecology, Quaternary Geology, Environmental Geology, Sedimentary Organic Matters, Organic Geochemistry, Palynostratigraphy, Palynofacies Hydrocarbon generation, Climatic changes, Physical Geology & Historical Geology.

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