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Kusay Abdulrazak

computer science
Cihan University Sulaimani


Bachelor's Degree in (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) Major Field in Electrical and Electronic Engineering  

Research Interest

Microprocessor & Assembly Language MATLAB Programming Operations Research Research Methodology Account Software Package English for computer science Computer Skills


  • L. F. Abdulrazak and K. F. Al-Tabatabaie "Broad-Spectrum Model for Sharing Analysis between IMT-Advanced Systems and FSS Receiver". IOSR-JECE, Vol. 12, Issue.1, Jan-Feb 2017. PP 52-56.

  • L. F. Abdulrazak and K. F. Al-Tabatabaie "Preliminary Design of Iraq Spectrum Management Software (ISMS)".IJAR, ISSN: 2320-5407, Vol. 5, No.2, 2560-2568, February 2017.

  • Kusay F. Al-Tabatabaie "Third Generation Wireless Modeling in Urban Environment", EEC Journal, ISSN: 2456-2319, Vol. 2, Issue: 3, May 2017.

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