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Shler Ghafour

Hawler Medical University


He is a professor at Hawler Medical University. Shler Ghafour  Lecturer      Deptartment: Microbiology, Bacteriology   Education: BSc, Salahaddin university, 1992 MSc, HMU/College of Medicine, 2006 PhD, HMU/College of Medicine, 2013   Teaching: Bacteriology for undergraduate medical student , Microbiology for postgraduate student, , 

Research Interest

 Microbiology of diabetic foot infection -Role of serological parameters in diabetic foot infection -Procalcitonin as a diagnostic and prognostic marker in bacterial infection


  • Shler G. Raheem, Ruqaya Ali A. Al-Dabbagh,M.Al- Barzinji, , "C Reactive Protein Level in Diabetic Foot Patients and their Relation with Bacterial Isolates. ", Diyala Journal of Medicine, 2012.

  • Shler G. Raheem, Ruqaya M.Al- Barzinji, , Ali A. Al-Dabbagh , "Association of Serum C - Reactive Protein Levels with Wagner Grades of Diabetic Foot Ulceration.", Accepted for publication in third International Conferences of Medical sciences- HMU, 2012.

  • Shler G. Raheem, Ruqaya M.Al- Barzinji, , Ali A. Al-Dabbagh , "Procalcitonin as new marker in Diabetic Foot Infection Grades", Middle east journal of family medicine, 2013.

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