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 Matt Seefeldt completed his doctorate studies in 2004 at the University of Colorado in collaboration with Dr. Theodore Randolph and examined the effects of high pressure on protein structure, stability and refolding. Dr. Seefeldt co-founded BaroFold based on the application of high pressure for the dissociation and refolding of protein aggregates. While at BaroFold he developed the Phase III production process for NU100, an aggregate-free follow-on IFN-beta-1b that demonstrated reduced immunogenicity relative to BETASERON® in transgenic mouse studies. NU100 is now fully enrolled in Phase 3 and will have a comparative arm examining product safety relative to BETASERON® based on aggregate content. Dr. Seefeldt has conducted refolding and aggregate characterization studies on approximately fifty proteins to date. In conjunction with the University of Colorado, BaroFold has examined aggregate/immunogenicity relationships and the reduction of immunogenicity through high pressure treatment.

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 protein aggregate RNA transgenic.

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