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Feryal Ameen Al-ameen

Assistant Lecturer
University of Kufa


Feryal Ameen Merza Al-Ameen I was graduated from the College of Science, Biology department. Soon after I joined the graduate studies program at the college of science at Kufa University I got my MSc. in Zoology in 2013. My teaching experience as follows: I taught the following courses: General entomology, Ecology, and pollution, Invertebrates, and parasitology. Job experience : 1- Lab assistant kufa Univ . College of Science Biology Dept. 2- Assistant lecturer at the same above mentioned place. Research activities cover the following areas: 1. The use of plant extracts against the insect. . 2. Studies on water pollution and their effects on aquatic biota. Selected Publication 1- Zooplanktons and Their Seasonal Variations of Kufa River /Euphrates (2017) 2- Efficacy of some plant powders against the floor beetle Tribolium confusum (Coleoptera: Tenebraionidae)(2016)(in Arabic) 3- The Study of Some Physical and Chemical Properties of Al-Kufa-River, Tap Water and Reverse Osmosis Water in Al-Najaf City/Iraq(2017)

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