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Hamadalla Hadi Albaseesee

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University of Kufa


Hamdullah Hadi Sahib Al-Baseesee Date of Birth: 1/7/1971 Gender: male Marital status: Married Children: four (2 boys and 2 girls) Address: Iraq / Al-Najaf / Kufa university houses Job: Assistant professor of orthopedic surgery, Kufa University, Medical college, department of surgery. Degree: fellowship of Iraqi board of Medical Specializations ( orthopedic since 2005) Fellowship of AO trauma ( since 2011) M B Ch B ( bachelor of medicine and surgery ,Al-Mustansyria university , medical college , Baghdad since 1995). 1995-1997: resident doctor in Al-najaf teaching hospitals ( 3 months for major branches (medical ,surgical, paediatric and Gynecological wards and emergency room ) and (2 months orthopedic surgery and intensive care unit and 1 month For Ophthalmology, ENT ,psychiatry ,dermatology ,rheumatology, infectious . 1997-1998: training in military at Al-Rasheed military hospital for 45 days .(then joined the higher education ministry. 1998: joining the teaching staff of pharmacology (medical college / Al-Mustansyria University). 1998-1999: resident permanent doctor (orthopedic surgery , Kufa university / medical college). 1999-2004 :joining the postgraduate fellowship study of orthopedic surgery ( Al-Yarmouk teaching hospital /Baghdad, the second larger hospital in Iraq and Medical city in Baghdad , the largest medical centre in Iraq and the main referral centre,and Al-Wassity plastic centre in Baghdad and Ibn –Al-Nafees Cardiac and vascular centre). 2005: complete the fellowship in Orthopedic surgery and became lecturer in medical collage of orthopedic surgery in medical college /kufa University. 2006: head of orthopedic subdepartment in Al-Hakeem General Hospital. 2008: Orthopedic surgeon in Al-Sadder teaching hospital. 2009:Workshop of Arthroplasty and Paediatric orthopedic ,held in Basrah , Basrah University , Medical collage undersupervision of American Orthopedic surgeons (Scott Hoffinger and Rick Willkerson) 2009: became Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. 2009:Workshop of intramedullary nailing,Red crescent hospital ,Amman-Jordon (by MSF , Medicine San Fronties) 2010: president of Orthopedic subdepartment in department of surgery , medical college. 2010: training workshop in India (Sant Parmanand Hospital), and Dr.Kares Hospital in Delhi. 2011: Training Workshop in Greece ( Aristo University , Stryker , Arthroscopic workshop). 2011: fellowship in AO trauma 6 weeks course ( Klagenfort, Austria undersupervision of professor N. Schwarz). 2012:Workshop of proximal femur fractures , Beirut , Lebanon).and workshop of advance trauma course of upper limb fractures by Pan Arab association of orthopedic surgery. 2013:Workshop of Total knee Arthroplasty , Advance course , Baghdad Under supervision of Assis. Prof. Hoffmann. 2014: Principle course of AO Spine Arbil. 2014: Advance course of AO spine Shiraz, Iran. 2015:Advance course of AO spine, Sulaimanyia, IRAQ 2016:Arab spine diploma , Module 1, Dubai, Researches: 1-Operative treatment of intracapsular fracture of neck of femur in patient under 50 years. (2007) ,Kufa medical journal. 2-Effect of naproxen on urine creatinine in hypertensive arthritic patients.(2007),Kufa medical journal. 3-Management of cubitus varus by French technique(prospective study). (2008), kufa Medical journal. 4-Surgical treatment of Aneurysmal bone cyst in Al-Najaf(retrospective study).(2008), Kufa Medical Journal. 5-Equal sagittal flap versus long posterior flap in below knee amputation in diabetic foot patients in Al-najaf Governorate.(2009),Medical journal of Babylon. 6-percutaneous external Fixation versus plate and screws in treatment of humeral shaft fracture .(2010). Kufa medical journal. Reference : Dr. Ali Mahdi Al-Shididi:Assis.FRCS,FACS, Professor of Orthopedic surgery,Kufa Medical collage. Dr.Ghazi Al-Shahawani:FRCS.consultant orthopedic surgeon,Al-Yarmouk teaching hospital. Dr. Saad Shaker Al-Ani:Asis.professor of Orthopedic surgery,Al-Yarmouk teaching Hospital. Professor Thamer Ahmed Hamdan :FACS ,FRCS, professor of orthopedic and spinal surgery. Dr.Waleed Al-Doori:FACS, FICMS,Consultant orthopedic surgery, Al-Wassiti Medical center for reconstructive surgery. Professor Safaa Al-Obaidi :FACS ,FRCS, Professor of general surgery ,Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations. Professor Ali Mahmoud Al-Saigh:FACS, FICMS, Professor of general surgey.Chairman of surgical department, kufa University , Medical college. Dr.Samir Mekki Al-Hakak :FACS ,FRCS,Al-Sadder Teaching Hospital, Al-Najaf Governorate. Dr.Mahmoud Abd Al-Raheem Al-Shukri :FACS ,FICMS, Assis. Professor of neurosurgery and spinal surgery , Kufa University , Medical collage . Dr.Sameer Kitab :FACS, FICMS, Assis. Professor of Orthopedic surgery,Al-Qadissiyia University Medical collage. Dr . Ala a Aboud Al-Wadees: FACS ,FRCS,Al-Sadder Teaching Hospital, Al-Najaf Governorate. Professor Nikolaus Schwarz :Prim Professor of orthopedic surgery ,Austria, Klagenfort University. Dr.Shekkar Agarwal :FRCS,M Ch. Ortho,(Liverpoul)Med,Delhi institute for orthopedic surgery and traumatology.Santparmanand hospital ,INDIA. Dr.Medhat Al-khafagi:FICMS, Consultant orthopedic surgeon , UAE. Dr.Alaa Al-Algawi:FICMS,consultant orthopedic surgeon,Babylon University , Medical college. Dr.Muzahim Mohammad Taha : Assis. Professor of Orthopedic surgery ,Tikrit University, Medical college.

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