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Jaafar Badr Al-gburi

University of Kufa


B.Sc. Environmental Science /AL-Kufa University-College of Science 2013. M.Sc. Environmental Science - Acharya Nagarjuna University-College of Science 2016.  Institution of occupational safety and health, from IOSH, 20/05/2016.  Diploma certification course in oil and gas safety, from Omega institute, 24/04/2016.  Professional certification course in Industrial safety, from Omega institute, 15/04/2016.  Professional certification course in Hazard Communication, from Omega institute, 14/04/2016. Professional certification course in Health, safety and Evironmental, from Omega institute, 19/04/2016. Professional certification course in Fire and safety, from Omega institute, 20/04/2016.   Foundation Course in First Aid, 2015 by IRCS.  Winter Institute in Global Health, 2015 by BITS Pilani Campus.  Recent Advances in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, 2014 by JNU. 7th Bangalore INDIA NANO, 2014.  6th Indian youth Science Congress, 2015 by ANU.  TRendys in Biochemistry, 2014 by ANU and UH. Recent Trends in Plan science, 2015 by AU.  Workshop on Big Data Analytics, 2014 by ANU. Nutritional Challenges for Psychosomatic Stressed Women, 2015 by ANU.  Environmantal Protection Force,2016by ANU. 

Research Interest

Pollution Treatment, Applications of Nanotechnology in The Environment, Environment and Pollution

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