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Najat Mutar Al-salami

Assistant Professor
General Medicine
University of Kufa


B.Sc from Basra University / M.Sc From Baghdad University Faculty of science – Department of Biology . PhD from Babylon University Faculty of science – Department of Biology / Histology. Research Interest Histological study for normal tissues of organism- Histopathological study for system,organ &cells of organism- Histological effects of different ecological contaminations - Toxic effects of some drugs & excess doses on tissues of organism- Herbal extracts study and their effects- Electron microscopical studies- Teaching Interests Histology Animal physiology Microtechnique Cytology Selected Publications: 1- AL _Salami, NM : Histological & physiological study on the effect of high concentration of sodium fluoride on reproductive organs and thyroid gland of the made Sprague Dawely rate. 2- Microscopial study on urinary system of comelus – deomidams . 3- Histological study of endometrial biobsies (D&C) in Najaf 2007. 4- Histological study on foliate papillae of Rabbit. 5- Histological and Ultrastructural studies on the liver of mice after treatment with single dose of LD50 Naja naja snake venom. 6- Hormonal and Histopathological changes in male reproductive system of albino mice after tamoxifen administration.

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General Medicine

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