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Salih Mahdi Alkhafaji

General Medicine
University of Kufa


PhD in Medical cytogenetics , Babylon University 2001/2002,the title of theses is ( Chromosomal Satellite association and C band polymorphisms in male patients with oligospermia and azospermia).. Research Interest: 1-Genetics and cytogenetics of male infertility. 2-PCR Technique. 3- Genetics and cytogenetics of Cancer. 4-Haematology.(Biochemical parameters and cell morphology) 5-Tissue Culture. Teaching Interests: 1-Molecular biology 2-Human Cytogenetics. 3-Cytology and Histology. 4- Hematology. Selected Publication; 1. alkhafaji, S M. Evaluation of FokI polymorphisms of VDR gene in Iraqi patients with colorectal cancer. International Journal of Advanced Research. (2015), Volume 3, Issue 4, 1194-1198 2. alkhafaji, S M, Anwar M. Aljanabi, Basima agazaly ,Shehab A. Faris. Genetic aspect of Iraqi pregnant women with pre- eclampsia. International Journal of Science and Research. (2015),Volume 3,Issue9,1563-1567. 3. Anwar M. Al-Janabi1, Abdul Hussein Alwan Algenabi , Talib Hussein Kamoona2, alkhafaji, S M . Association of HER2 [ILe655Val] gene polymorphism and Breast Cancer Risk in Iraqi females Population. International Journal of Advanced Research. (2015), Volume 3, Issue 12, 1483 – 1489 4. alkhafaji, S M, Anwar M. Al-janabi2, Shehab A .Faris. Heterochromatin Polymorphisms and Chromosomes Damage in Heavy Smoking Men. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. Vol.5, No.24, 2015 . 5. Anwar M. Al-janabi, Abdul Hussein A. Algenabi, alkhafaji, S M, Imad Alsabri . Association of TP53 [Arg72Pro] Gene Polymorphism and Breast Cancer Risk in Iraqi female patients. International journal scientific & engineering research. Vol.6, No.12, Dec 2015 6. Yasseen, AA.,Alkhafaji, S.M.: The role of C band Y chromosome in male infertility as a reference with their total length.(2004) Saudi medical journal Vol.23 No.12 7. Yasseen,A.A.,Alkhafaji,S.M.: Chromosomal satellite association and male infertility.(2004) Kufa medical Journal Vol.7 No.1 8. Yasseen,A.A.,Alkhafaji,S.M specific chromosomal satellite association among infertile males patients (2004) Saudi medical journal Vol.25 No.4 9.Yasseen.AA.,Alkhafaji,S.M.: The significance of autosomal C band size polymorphisms in male infertility.(2002) Saudi medical journal Vol.23 No.12 10. Al-khafaji, S.M: Constitutive heterochromatin in older men with prostate cancer.(2005) Journal of Kufa University Vol.3 No.8 11. Al-khafaji, S.M.:Y-chromosome length differences among Iraqis people. .(2005) Kufa medical Journal Vol.8 No.1 12. SalihM.Alkhafaji, JasimM.Almuhana, SafaAlbaaj Mohammad N. Almusawi(4) The Constitutive Heterochromatin size polymorphism in older men with prostatic cancer (stage two) Kufa university journal for biology. 1916 :R,9387 M.962

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