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Zahraa Yosif Khudier Motaweq

University of Kufa


Bachelor in biology 2001 from University of Kufa , college of science. M.Sc. in Microbiolog 2005 , University of Kufa , college of science. medical bacteriology 2015, Kufa Uneversity , College of Science. Lecturer in microbiology, Microbilogy Dept. college of dendistry, Kufa universiyy. Iraq. 2001-2002. Lecturer in virology, general microbiology, fungi, Bacteriology, water & soil microbiology, Biology Dept., college of science, Kufa Uneversit, Iraq. 2007-2016. Lecturer in Microbilogy , antibiotics in biology Dept.Faculty of Science, Kufa Uneversit, Iraq. Research Interests: My research interest is study the phenotypic and genotypic variation in some pathogenic bacteria isolated from some infection , study the immune response of human body to some bacteria and viruses disease ,biotechnology , Antibiotics , Virology ,I am most interested to study the effect of some plant extract on medical bacteria and the immune responses of human body to these extract. Also I have some studies concern the antibiotic resistant of pathogenic bacteria and the variations in these resistance. Teaching Interests: Microbial genetics , Infectious diseases , Molecular biology , Microbiology , Virology , Immunity.

Research Interest

Environmental Pollution, Immunity, Nanopartical, Antibiotic

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