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Butagaz is a leading LPG* marketing and distribution company, operating in France, with over 80 years of experience as an energy provider. After a career of almost 20 years in Downstream Oil and Gas, I joined Butagaz at the beginning of 2014 as Chief Operating Officer. My role is to build and operate a winning supply chain to strengthen Butagaz competitive position and support cash targets delivery, despite market uncertainties and regulatory challenges. As COO, I’m leading: Butagaz Metal Supply Chain: developing, purchasing and delivering tanks and cylinders to cover the needs of above 4 million packed customers and 200,000 bulk customers. Butagaz LPG Supply Chain: purchasing LPG on the market and delivering it to our end customers. Just to give one key figure, this means dealing with over 500 trucks on the road every day. Butagaz facilities network: 19 sites in France (import terminals, cylinders filling plants and bulk depots) *LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

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