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Hernan Badenes works in a distributed, advanced development and research team based in Argentina. His team focuses on the research, inception, prototyping and transfer of new techology into IBM products in partnership with IBM Research. Currently he works with the Machine Intelligence group for Science & Technology, IBM Almaden Research Center. The project looks to (eventually) approximate human thinking by building continuous learning systems, closely guided by neuroscience. Topics include machine learning, neural models, distributed systems.  Hernan received two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards for his early work in the Watson APIs projects (see below), and has co-authored a number of academic articles and patents, currently holding a second IBM Inventor plateau. Earlier in his IBM career, Hernan worked on several projects: Personality Insights and Tone Analyzer: two of the IBM Watson APIs performing linguistic analysis from a piece of written text. They predict author's characteristics such as personality, habits or preferences; and subtleties in a writte message going beyond basic sentiment analysis.  Community Insights: a tool for community leaders to study the behaviour of online communities in an enterprise setting, allowing to enhance their value and meet their objectives.  Morning Report - A time-sensitive mobile dashboard for collaboration and other information sources. BlueMail: an internal research prototype which allowed to explore new opportunities in and around a web email client, back in the days where a rich email client fully working in a browser was still a novelty. Being research projects (as well as products, some of them), there are a number of publications and patents created from that work -- see publications section.    Earlier, Hernan graduated with a M.S. from Universidad de La Plata, Argentina, where he learned the beauty of information theory and formal languages. He loves algorithms and the adrenaline and constant training brought by coding contests.  

Research Interest

inception, prototyping and transfer of new techology into IBM products in partnership with IBM Research.

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