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Jakub Marecek

Research Staff Member
Research Staff Member
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My research is on the interface of mathematical optimization, computer science, and control, with applications in power systems, transportation, and beyond. Selected papers in power systems optimisation: Hybrid Methods in Solving Alternating-Current Optimal Power Flows in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid 8(6), 2988-2998, 2017. Also, arXiv:1510.02171. A Low-Rank Coordinate-Descent Algorithm for Semidefinite Programming Relaxations of Optimal Power Flow in Optimization Methods and Software 32(4), 849-871, 2017. Also, arXiv:1506.08568. Optimal Power Flow as a Polynomial Optimization Problem in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 31(1), 539-546, 2016. Also, arXiv:1404.3626.

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Algorithms and Theory Operations Research

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