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David O’Flynn Chief Financial Officer Our Board is committed to a culture of effective corporate governance which it defines as the systems and processes by which the business, through living its values, is directed and managed.Our business model is all about partnering for success. As a family-owned business, we work with thousands of other family businesses and their local communities in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Spain. Through our support of local initiatives, we aim to enrich everyday lives, make communities vibrant, and provide shoppers with an offer that is different and better.Giving small producers a big chance. Food Academy works with and nurtures small businesses through their journey from start-up to getting their products on our shelves. To date the programme has helped over 350 small food and drink producers to break into the retail market, and has turned brands such as The Happy Pear and Strong Roots into household names. According to the Department of Jobs, Food Academy will support 1,500 jobs in the year ahead, contributing to the Irish economy as a whole.

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