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Nigel Ternan

School of Biomedical Sciences
Ulster University


Dr Nigel Ternan is a Senior Lecturer in molecular microbiology in the School of Biomedical Sciences at Ulster University. After graduating with a BSc Hons (2.1) in Microbiology from The Queen’s University of Belfast he commenced his PhD studies in the School of Biology and Biochemistry at Queen’s University, completing his thesis entitled ‘Biodegradation of minoalkylphosphonates by Environmental Bacteria’ in June 1997.

Research Interest

Dr Ternan has more than 20 years research experience in the areas of microbial biochemistry and physiology, biotechnology, and infectious disease research. He has previously characterised novel microbial enzymes for industrial use, developed novel microbial biosensors and bioreactors for water treatment, and established a strong track record in systems biology analysis of microbial pathogens.

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