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Pagona Papakonstantinou

Ulster University


Pagona Papakonstantinou is Professor of Advanced Materials in the School of Engineering and a member of the Engineering Research Institute.  Pagona’s research interests concern the fabrication of nanocarbons as 2 Dimensional crystals and hierarchical multifunctional architectures, (such as graphene nanosheets, nanodots, nanoflakes, graphene oxide, dichalcogenides, hybrids, carbon nanotubes, nanotips, diamond nanorods) and the comprehensive investigation of their physical and physicochemical properties for use in renewable energy and biosensing areas. Underpinning research into graphene and 2D materials led to a series of patents and a license to 2-DTech/Versarien Ltd. She also has extensive experience of the nano-mechanical, gas barrier and corrosion protection properties of disordered carbon films (DLC).

Research Interest



  • Chemical Modification of Graphene Oxide by Nitrogenation: An X-ray Absorption and EmissionSpectroscopy Study Scientific Reports

  • The Effects of Exfoliation, Organic Solvents and Anodic Activation on Catalytic Hydrogen Evolution Reaction of Tungsten Disulfide Nanoscale

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