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Farber Eliahu

Full Professor
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Ariel University


Dr. Farber Eliahu is a Segal Senior, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Ariel University

Research Interest

Electrical and Electronics Engineering


  • Bachar N, Zhukova E, Gorshunov B, Farber E, Roth M. Anomaly in the Complex Conductivity of Overdoped Y1− xCaxBa2Cu3O7− δ Thin Films from THz Spectroscopy. Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism. 2011 Apr 1;24(3):1225-8.

  • Holdengreber E, Mizrahi M, Farber E. Quasi-dynamical multi-channel coupler based on high temperature superconducting films. InElectrical & Electronics Engineers in Israel (IEEEI), 2012 IEEE 27th Convention of 2012 Nov 14 (pp. 1-4). IEEE.

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