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Mr. Kambiz Mahdi is President, Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, Director of Probe Manufacturing Inc. He is co-founder, and served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Probe Manufacturing from 1996 until December of 2005 and again from July 2009 until present. Prior to Probe Manufacturing, Mr. Mahdi was Technical Sales Manager at Future Electronics for six years. While at Future Electronics, Mr. Mahdi developed superior technical management leadership and skills servicing some of the top 1000 fortune technology customers and their applications. Mr. Mahdi also started Billet Electronics a global supply chain provider of products, services and solutions in the technology sector in 2007. He has established the company as a independent distributor of electronic components and provider of value-added services to its market. Mr. Mahdi has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University of Northridge.  

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Green Chemistry Green Engineering Green Catalytic modulations Green Energy Prospects & Technology Green Nanotechnology

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