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Michael Koeris



Dr. Koeris is the co-founder and CEO of Sample6, a leading food-safety diagnostics provider using engineered bacteriophages to deliver the world’s first on-site, in-shift bacterial pathogen detection system. Dr. Koeris ideated and instantiated the company’s synthetic biology engineering platform, and protected product lines and manufacturing processes with 15+ patents and application portfolios. The company’s technology originated in Jim Collins’ Synthetic Biology laboratory at MIT and was expanded to include key new inventions enabling a first-in-class phage genome engineering patent for bacteriophages. This novel approach, using yeast-based recombineering, allows the assembly of modified genomes and the addition of modifications post-assembly in yeast. Dr. Koeris also worked at McKinsey & Company and Flagship Ventures, and in Jim Collins’ lab, focusing on bacterial resistance mechanisms, for his Ph.D. He remains a visiting scholar at MIT.    

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Pharmaceutical science 

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