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Uri Shani

Research Staff Member
Haifa University


Starting with Computer vision, graphics and medical image processing for my PhD thesis, I developed interests in a large number of subjects. Yet, my professional work in IBM led me to work on a number of significant projects in diverse areas from optical disk storage, online books as early as on main frames, distributed systems, on through medical PACS to Telco, and on to Systems Engineering, modeling, semantic web and most recently on to iOS, IoT, cognitive computing and NLP conversation.

Research Interest

I have been busy since about 2010 with European Community (EU) projects, SPRINT and DANSE (FP7 projects) and presently PSYMBIOSYS - a H2020 project, which are related to System Engineering, specifically model based (MBSE). Work in MBSE started by contributing to several IBM projects, which followed into leading the IBM teams for the EU projects, in which I developing a new technology and tools for doing semantic mediation on system models for tools interoperability. That technology is now (2017) being contributed to the open source softwer (OSS) community and is done so as part of the PSYMBIOSYS project.

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