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I'm a Research Staff Member at the Haifa Research Lab; currently a member of the Distributed Middleware group. My professional experience is centered on distributed software systems research, design, and development. My main areas of expertise include Storage (focused on advanced file systems) as well as High Availability and Group Communication Systems. Currently I'm the project and technical coordinator of the EU funded project COMPOSE, creating an IoT platform geared towards the easy creation of IoT applications. Throughout the years I led several projects, through their entire lifecycle. Most recently I led the development of the Distribution and Consistency Services (DCS) WAS component. DCS serves as the infrastructure for WAS High Availability. It is the first virtual synchrony group communication implementation that is part of a commercial application server. Prior to that I led a research activity around Semantic Access to File Systems , which aspired to tackle the scalability of information location and organization in modern scalable file systems. Earlier I led the HRL portion of the General Parallel File System development effort, which emphasized I/O performance, scalability, and high availability. I served as a member of JSR 319 (Availability Management for Java) expert group. This JSR intends to provide an API to enable availability management frameworks to supervise and control Java runtime units in order to achieve high availability. Earlier I was a member of the Service Availability Forum standard body. I was mainly involved in a working group in charge of producing Java APIs to SA Forum software related specifications. I received my B.Sc. with honors from the Vesalius College in Brussels (VUB), majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Social Sciences, and my M.Sc from Boston University.

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