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Mr. Sami Totah

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Sami is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of international management leadership in the IT industry. He has extensive knowledge and execution experience in overseeing very large IT projects. For eighteen years Sami worked at Amdocs, Israel’s largest software company for billing, CRM and OSS systems and the 10th largest in the world, becoming Senior Vice President of Operations and COO. As a member of senior management, Sami helped define the Company’s strategy and direction following the telecom crisis in 2001. He has extensive global experience in leading and serving tier-one telecom giants such as Vodafone, T-Mobile US, Tele Denmark and KT FreeTel. Sami has served as an active Chairman in several leading startup companies in the telecommunication arena, such as Sheer Networks, which was sold to Cisco. He has served as a board member of a number of public companies, including Red Bend , Pilat Media and ECtel . He is the current Chairman of Flash Networks

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