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  Tali Yaron-Eldar, an Israeli attorney specializing in taxation, joined the Board in March 2014, and has served since June 2014 as an external director, in accordance with the Israeli law. Ms. Yaron-Eldar co-founded Yaron-Eldar, Paller, Schwartz & Co. Law Offices in 2013. She was a partner at the law firm of Tadmor & Co. from 2007 through 2012, and a partner at the law firm of Cohen, Yaron-Eldar & Co. between 2004 and 2007. From 2004 until 2008, Ms. Yaron-Eldar served as the Chief Executive Officer of Arazim Investment Company. She has served in a variety of public positions, including as Chief Legal Advisor to the Customs and V.A.T Department of the Finance Ministry of the State of Israel from 1998 to 2001, and to the Commissioner of Income Tax and Real Property Tax Authority of the State of Israel from 2002 to 2004. Ms. Yaron-Eldar also serves as a Director for a number of public companies, including Alliance Tire Company Ltd., Rossetta Genomics Ltd., Medtechnica Ltd., Magicjack Vocaltec Ltd., Lodgia Rotex Investments Ltd. and Tadea Technological Development and Automation Ltd. Ms. Yaron-Eldar has been a member of the Audit and Remuneration Committees since March, 2014. She holds an M.B.A. specializing in finance from Tel Aviv University which was awarded in 1995, and an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University which was awarded in 1987. Ms. Yaron-Eldar is a member of the Israeli Bar Association.

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