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Carlos A Benbassat

Department of Endocrinology
Rabin Medical Center


Dr. Carlos A Benbassat is affiliated to Endocrine Institute, Rabin Medical Center. Dr. Carlos A Benbassat is currently providing services as Professor. Dr. Carlos A Benbassat has authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented works at many national and International conferences. Dr. Carlos A Benbassat M17 Dr. Carlos A Benbassat is actively associated with different societies and academies. Dr. Carlos A Benbassat academic career is decorated with several reputed awards and funding. Dr. Carlos A Benbassat research interests include Endocrine Institute.

Research Interest

"Blood Sugar Bone and Mineral Disorders Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Diabetes Mellitus Endocrine Disorders Endocrine Glands Endocrine Oncology"


  • "Benbassat CA, Olchovsky D, Tsvetov G, Shimon I. Subacute thyroiditis: clinical characteristics and treatment outcome in fifty-six consecutive patients diagnosed between 1999 and 2005. J Endocrinol Invest. 2007 Sep;30(8):631-5. "

  • "Benbassat CA, Robenshtok E. Natural history of Graves' Ophthalmopathy. Pediatr Endocrinol Rev. 2010 Mar;7 Suppl 2:174-7."

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