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Dan D Gaton

Department of Ophthalmology
Rabin Medical Center


Dr. Dan D Gaton is affiliated to Department of Ophthalmology, Rabin Medical Center, where Dr. Dan D Gaton is currently working as Professor. Dr. Dan D Gaton has numerous publications within the specialty and published in reputed national and international peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Dan D Gaton is actively associated with different national and international societies and academies. Dr. Dan D Gaton gain recognition among the honourable subject experts with the contributions made. Dr. Dan D Gaton is been appreciated by several reputed awards and funding support. Dr. Dan D Gaton major research interest is in studies related to Ophthalmology.

Research Interest

"Cataract Diabetic Retinopathy External Eye Diseases Eye Disorders Glaucoma Inflammatory Eye Diseases"


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  • "Gaton DD, Ehrenberg M, Lusky M, Wussuki-Lior O, Dotan G, Weinberger D, Snir M. Effect of repeated applanation tonometry on the accuracy of intraocular pressure measurements. Curr Eye Res. 2010 Jun;35(6):475-9."

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