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Eitan Nahshoni

Department of Cardiology
Rabin Medical Center


Dr. Eitan Nahshoni is affiliated to Department of Cardiology, Rabin Medical Center, where Dr. Eitan Nahshoni is currently working as Professor. Dr. Eitan Nahshoni has authored and co-authored several national and international publications and also working as a reviewer for reputed professional journals. Dr. Eitan Nahshoni is having an active association with different societies and academies around the world. Dr. Eitan Nahshoni made his mark in the scientific community with the contributions and widely recognition from honourable subject experts around the world. Dr. Eitan Nahshoni has received several awards for the contributions to the scientific community. Dr. Eitan Nahshoni major research interest involves Cardiology and Emergency Medicine.

Research Interest

Cardiology and Emergency Medicine


  • Nahshoni E, Aizenberg D, Strasberg B, Dorfman P, Sigler M, Imbar S, Weizman A. QT dispersion in the surface electrocardiogram in elderly patients with major depression. J Affect Disord. 2000 Nov;60(3):197-200.

  • Nahshoni E, Aizenberg D, Sigler M, Strasberg B, Zalsman G, Imbar S, Adler E, Weizman A. Heart rate variability increases in elderly depressed patients who respond to electroconvulsive therapy. J Psychosom Res. 2004 Jan;56(1):89-94.

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