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M A Hellmann

Department of Neurology
Rabin Medical Center


Dr. M A Hellmann is affiliated to Department of Neurology, Rabin Medical Center, where Dr. M A Hellmann is currently working as Professor. Dr. M A Hellmann has authored and co-authored several national and international publications and also working as a reviewer for reputed professional journals. Dr. M A Hellmann is having an active association with different societies and academies around the world. Dr. M A Hellmann made his mark in the scientific community with the contributions and widely recognition from honourable subject experts around the world. Dr. M A Hellmann has received several awards for the contributions to the scientific community. Dr. M A Hellmann major research interest involves Neurology.

Research Interest

Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery; cancer neurosurgery; intraoperative image-guidance systems; computational modeling; neuroimaging


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