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Sagit Meshulam-derazon

Department of Plastic Surgery
Rabin Medical Center


Dr. Sagit Meshulam-Derazon is affiliated to Department of Plastic Surgery, Rabin Medical Center. Dr. Sagit Meshulam-Derazon is currently providing services as Professor. Dr. Sagit Meshulam-Derazon has authored and co-authored multiple peer-reviewed scientific papers and presented works at many national and International conferences. Dr. Sagit Meshulam-Derazon M17 Dr. Sagit Meshulam-Derazon is actively associated with different societies and academies. Dr. Sagit Meshulam-Derazon academic career is decorated with several reputed awards and funding. Dr. Sagit Meshulam-Derazon research interests include Plastic Surgery.

Research Interest

"Aesthetic Surgery Breast Augmentation Breast Reconstruction Cosmetic Dermatology Cosmetic Dermatology Cosmetic Ear Surgery"


  • "Meshulam-Derazon S, Levin L, Adler N, Ad-El D, Hauben DJ. Lip analysis and macrocheilia in young Jewish Israeli men. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2008 Dec;122(6):220e-221e."

  • "Meshulam-Derazon S, Bar-Ilan I, Azaria R, Ad-El D. Removing highly cohesive silicone gel after breast implant rupture: an in vitro study. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2010 Aug;126(2):93e-4e."

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