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Ziv Ben-ari

Associate Professor
Liver Institute
Rabin Medical Center


Dr. Ziv Ben-Ari is affiliated to Liver Institute, Rabin Medical Center, where Dr. Ziv Ben-Ari is currently working as Associate Professor. Dr. Ziv Ben-Ari has authored and co-authored several national and international publications and also working as a reviewer for reputed professional journals. Dr. Ziv Ben-Ari is having an active association with different societies and academies around the world. Dr. Ziv Ben-Ari made his mark in the scientific community with the contributions and widely recognition from honourable subject experts around the world. Dr. Ziv Ben-Ari has received several awards for the contributions to the scientific community. Dr. Ziv Ben-Ari major research interest involves Internal Medicine and Medical Sciences.

Research Interest

Internal Medicine and Medical Sciences


  • Ben-Ari Z, Pappo O, Druzd T, Sulkes J, Klein T, Samra Z, Gadba R, Tambur AR, Tur-Kaspa R, Mor E. Role of cytokine gene polymorphism and hepatic transforming growth factor beta1 expression in recurrent hepatitis C after liver transplantation. Cytokine. 2004 Jul 7;27(1):7-14.

  • Ben-Ari Z, Mor E, Azarov D, Sulkes J, Tor R, Cheporko Y, Hochhauser E, Pappo O. Cathepsin B inactivation attenuates the apoptotic injury induced by ischemia/reperfusion of mouse liver. Apoptosis. 2005 Dec;10(6):1261-9.

  • Ben-Ari Z, Pappo O, Yitzhaki S, Cheporko Y, Shainberg A, Zinman T, Ravid A, Zemel R, Bachmatov L, Kurtzwald E, Mor E, Hochhauser E. Uridine-5'-triphosphate protects against hepatic- ischemic/reperfusion injury in mice. Transplantation. 2009 Apr 27;87(8):1155-62.

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