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Amir Landesberg

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology


Prof. Amir Landesberg was born in Israel in 1961. He held a post doctoral fellowship at the University of Calgary Health Science Center from 1997-8, and joined the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Technion as a senior lecturer in 1998. Dr. Landesberg is the coordinator of the Molecular Cardiology Laboratory, the Laboratory for Isolated Cardiac Muscle Studies and of the In Situ Cardiovascular Research Laboratory.

Research Interest

The excitation contraction coupling in the cardiac muscle. Understanding the intracellular control of contraction and the cellular feedback mechanisms that regulate motor unit recruitment, energy consumption, power generation, the intracellular calcium transient and the effect of the loading condition on the membrane potential. Heart failure. Understanding the regulation of the failing heart function at the cellular and whole heart level. Development of new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Development of cardiac assist devices. Theory of muscle contraction. Understanding the biophysics of the muscle motor unit dynamics and energetics. The regulation of the sarcomere (The contractile apparatus) and of the isolated actomyosin cross-bridge (the muscle motor unit) dynamics.

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